Banking – BFSI

Digitalization has raised the bar of customer expectations for financial services, driving an imperative to deliver an enhanced customer experience for banking activities ranging from depositing a check to making a payment to executing a transaction. At the same time, operational concerns around security and regulatory compliance, vendor management and identity and access management in banking remain paramount.

Process automation, intelligent tools for analytics, modernized infrastructure and agile approaches are helping businesses compete in a demanding industry that leaves little room for error. Typically, however, transformation requires the co-existence of new technologies and legacy systems. As a result, integration capabilities to drive interoperability and transparency are imperative.

Datalogixs partners with global financial services leaders to build a reliable, secure and flexible operational core that addresses the needs of today’s complex banking environments. From modernizing technology operations to applying automation to optimize service management, we empower digital, customer-focused strategies, while increasing collaboration, security and compliance across the financial services ecosystem.

Consumer Expectations Mobility and multi-channel convergence have made financial transactions simple and convenient; However, with increasing competition, personalization and customer-centric approach has become need of the hour

Risk Management Integrating governance commonalities and risk entities into your business play a major role in decision making. With process updation & lifecycle management solutions, you become capable of adapting new regulations & heading for a stronger future

Data Management With tons of data produced everyday it’s hard to manage such valuables without proper technical expertise. It also brings security threats and other casualties. Hence, strong technical expertise is required to manage data on a daily basis